Replay Capture Suite for Windows 10


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Replay Capture Suite captures and converts the video stream on your PC. Used to rip to the hard drive of various streams are placed on websites. The program offers a full-featured interface and has a maximum speed when capturing music streams and other movies. Replay Capture Suite contains nine essential programs to capture streaming media from the web. It captures all kinds of audio and video streams and converts them into 36 popular formats. Replay Capture Suite is available in the demo version and we can test it for a specified period of time. The program is characterized by, inter alia: - saving audio and video streams to your hard drive - editing multimedia files - personal files encrypted user, - the possibility of ripping and writing to disk all the talk of instant messaging like Skype - to facilitate the ready profiles to convert the captured streams to devices mobile - supports and gets streams of Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc. - cut, splits and joins files together.